The OmCanna Box

OmCanna is Southern California's premier cannabis subscription box exclusively offering designer products. With OmCanna you'll never find off label products from fly by night manufacturers or ineffective products. In keeping with our commitment of endorsing reputable and legitimate producers, we have the ability to provide all our consumers with superior merchandise at a significantly lower cost.

Don't have time to go to a dispensary? Are delivery services really a better option? By signing up for monthly home delivery, patients minimize the number of trips to stores, reduce the number of delivery services that receive your personal information, and eliminate the frustration and confusion associated with having too many options. Our mission to provide effective, consistent, and affordable cannabis will aid in simplifying the lives of all our members while saving consumers precious time and money.

Each box is curated by an experienced cannabis enthusiast with the intention of helping our members find transcendental bliss. Whether suffering from a debilitating disposition or intermittent pain, OmCanna has a package that is suitable for varying ailments. OmCanna is available in 3 package options - Novice, Transitional, and Connoisseur - perfect for everyone looking for extra savings. 

OmCanna is committed to setting the standard for convenient home delivery for the patient on-the-go. Each month a box containing the same top shelf and private reserve products found in stores will come to you like clockwork. By partnering with credible and established producers, OmCanna guarantees all products are lab tested for safety and accurate dosing. 

How To Get Started?

1. Accept Our Care

Become an AHC member by providing your information and uploading a valid physician recommendation. Prop 215 Only. 21+ available January 1, 2018.

2. Discover Which Is Best For Your Needs!

Our team of cannabis connoisseurs will customize your box with exclusive products, just let us know which package - Novice, Transitional, Connoisseur - is perfect for you. 

3. Time Is Money

Take back your scarce time and relax as a perfectly curated box of OmCanna arrives at your door like clockwork every month, meanwhile saving you money.

OmCanna Packages

Novice $159.99

OmCanna Novice is ideal for the beginning end user. A typical 30 day supply contains approximately: 1/4 oz of flower, portable vaporizer and cartridge, and edible or alternative care product such as capsules, tinctures, inhalants, etc.  

Transitional $249.99

OmCanna Transitional is designed for the moderate daily consumer. In this package a monthly supply may contain: 1/2 oz of flower, concentrated extracts, premium preroll, vape cartridge, and 2 edibles or alternative care product. 

Connoisseur $429.99

OmCanna Connoisseur is exceptional for the cannabis aficionado who needs more potent product and a readily available stock. Our Connoisseur box is brimming with: 1 oz flower, concentrated extracts, 2 vape cartridges and refill, designer prerolls, 2 edibles, and an alternative care product.